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I like to shoot short viral docus. My weapon of choice is Canon and I cut with Final Cut.

And every now and then I will post a dope photo shot by me.

I will take up this piece of the internet to blog/post about complete randomness.
  • September 22, 2014 10:33 pm
  • 10:32 pm

    "I do not want to look back. If you look back, you cannot make progress."

    Yohji Yamamoto (via barneysny)

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    Ghostface Killa

  • 10:26 pm

    The Education of Sonny Carson

    I highly recommend watching this movie. If you are too cheap to buy it, you can find the full stream on youtube.

    "The film starts out with the viewers obtaining insight of a young Sonny and some of his early struggles, which include, the first scene in which Sonny and three of his friends are in the process of breaking into a local market to steal food; and money, from the cash register. Sonny is subdued by police and soon finds himself on a "lenient" sentence of three months at the age of thirteen. While incarcerated a young Sonny meets Willie, the leader of a local gang called The Lords. It is then the audience is brought to an older Sonny and we learn he is now heavily involved in the gangs activities and of the rivalry The Lords have with a fellow gang called ‘The Tomahawks’. Sonny is now entrenched in the every day life of a Lord which includes frequent brawls with their rivals The Tomahawks. During one of these brawls one of Sonny’s friends a fellow Lord by the name of Lil’ Boy gets fatally stabbed in the back with a stiletto. Sonny and the rest of the gang show up at Lil’ Boy’s wake, and, it’s when they leave that we are brought to the attention of Sonny trying to purchase flowers from a local shop but couldn’t afford a bouquet.

    He then proceeds to rob a white man carrying a telegram with change of $100 in it. He then purchases the flowers and places them on Lil’ Boy’s casket. This crime ends up getting Sonny hemmed up and we bear witness to him nearly getting beaten to death by police in an interrogation room. He is then sentenced to no less than one year and no more than 3 upstate. Here he re-connects with his friend Willie who informs Sonny of the harsh realities of prison life. During his time incarcerated Sonny’s father visits giving him emotional hope that he will survive and that his dad and family are still supporting him. However the harsh social condition during the time also lead to a gruesome incarceration and Sonny bears witness to the guards’ frequent brutality which includes Willie nearly being beaten to death. After the savage beating Willie informed Sonny that he could no longer sustain but he would “At least take one of them with him” the next scene shows the guards pulling Willie out of his room at night and proceeding to throw him over the rail causing his death.

    After these traumatic experiences we see Sonny finally escape the horrors of prison and get a celebratory greeting by his family. It is afterwards however when Sonny is looking for members of his old gang that he learns that drugs have hit the streets hard and have taken most of his former friends (and his girlfriend) with them. He puts his priorities in order and finds a “born again” purpose in life under his new name, Iwina Lmiri Abubadika. The film ends in the 1970s, long before Abubadika’s controversial involvement in New York politics.”

  • September 21, 2014 7:06 pm

    The year is 1993 and I was ten years old. I had a pretty good school year and my parents were shipping me off Georgetown Basketball camp and I had the choice of any shoe to get for camp (not that i was great, but i was decent). I had my eyes set on the Run n’ Slam, which was Kevin Johnson’s signature shoe at the time. Unfortunately they did not have my size, so I ended up getting a pair of Adidas. The pair where you had the “sock”.

    Fast forward to about 2003/4. I told myself the when I come across a pair, I am grabbing them. This was around the time Ebay was getting a buzz for the sneaker community and i came across a DS pair. As my sneaker collection was steadily growing, I may have worn these about 2 maybe 3 times as you can see from the soles. Fast forward to earlier this week. My homegirl was having a 90’s theme roller skating 30th birthday party. I went digging and found these still in the box and intact.

    Fast forward to last night. As I was getting ready and walking around the house, the shoe literally started to fall apart, but, not that bad. Before the party I stepped into a 7-11 and thats when it all went south. The sole on my right foot totally separated and the only thing keeping them together was the stitching in the toe box.

    I tried to rescue them with a pit stop at CVS with some super glue, but that did not work. I ended up getting to the party and used some clear packing tape by placing a piece of tape that went from inside the heel of the shoe and down the back and wrapped around the heel of the outsole. Lucky this temporary fix worked as I quickly got out of the shoes and put on some roller skates. I actually ended up going home in just my socks as the shoes were beyond damaged to even trying putting them back on.

  • August 2, 2014 9:54 am
    This is dope View high resolution

    This is dope

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  • July 30, 2014 9:49 pm

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO to Hit the Auction Block for €40 Million Euros View high resolution


    1962 Ferrari 250 GTO to Hit the Auction Block for €40 Million Euros

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  • July 20, 2014 11:07 am

Sometimes it’s nice to unplug | www.BicoastalUSA.com

📷 @orlan.do 
#PackLight ✈️ (at Wildwood Canyon Park) View high resolution


    Sometimes it’s nice to unplug | www.BicoastalUSA.com

    📷 @orlan.do
    #PackLight ✈️ (at Wildwood Canyon Park)

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    Let the world in on our daily struggles.

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